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Do you have symptoms of respiratory infection, such as cough, sore throat, headache, runny nose and / or fever? Then you should stay at home until you are symptom free for two days. Do not visit a health care clinic without contacting them first. Contact 1177 if necessary. When you contact 1177, you will receive information about when and where to seek care. Read more at 1177.se.


We offer testing for covid-19 and issue travel certificates. We only test persons who are symptom free.
We do not require a Swedish social security number for testing.
All our certificates are in English and meet EU standards.


PCR: 1750 SEK
Antigentest: 750 SEK
Antibodytest (IgM, IgG): 450 SEK
Travel certificate: 250 SEK

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Business inquiries

We offer custom tailored business solutions for your company. No business is too small or too big for us. Reach out, and we will inform you how we can help you.

We can offer one time testing as well as continous monitoring of you staff.

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Gabriella Stigen

Address: Östermalmsgatan 82 (entrence on corner)
E-mail: covid19@heddacare.se
Phone: +46 10 288 99 32

Address: Skeppsgatan 19 (World Trade Center, C/O Aktivitus)
E-mail: covid19.malmo@heddacare.se
Phone: +46 40 833 89

Address: Fjärde Långgatan 16
E-mail: covid19.goteborg@heddacare.se
Phone: +46 31 10 85 82

Private care

We offer private health care through your insurance company, invoice or direct payment with debit card. 

Family medicine


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For the clinics listed below we can offer you health care within Swedens national health care system.

Child Health Center
Cervical screening test
Maternity care

Sexual health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Fetal ultrasound

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